Peter Garyaev

This site is dedicated to alternative methods of restoring the health of the body.
There is a huge variety of both ancient, folk methods of treatment of various diseases, and the latest discoveries by scientists of methods of treatment and regeneration of health. But, due to the fact that these methods can not bring huge profits, they are silenced, criticized by so-called professors, who for money or for a better position are ready to please the powers of this world.
Coverage of inexpensive but effective methods of recovery of the body and will be devoted to the publications of this site.
One of the scientists, the creator of the method and the eponymous Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics – Peter Garyaev. Linguistic-Wave Genetics is a large branch from the main trunk of biology and classical Genetics. The Institute of Quantum Genetics translates the concept of GENA to the quantum level and actually leads classical genetics out of the experimental-theoretical deadlock. Working at the Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences as a senior researcher and group leader (1984 – 1998), Peter Petrovich Garyaev discovered two previously unknown, unusual types of memory of DNA molecules, which was recorded by correlation laser spectroscopy.

Another scientist is physicist Alexander Mishin, the founder of vortex medicine. Coils created by Mishin have already helped a huge number of people to get rid of many diseases, including cancer. An electrostatic vortex is created around the coil. The electrostatic vortex is the mechanical vibrations created by the so-called electrostatic implosive resonance, which destroys the looped pathological energy structures. In accordance with the Hippocratic recommendation (“treat like with like”), the pathological energy vortex in the body will be removed by the healing energy vortex created by the Mishin coil.

Before the death or murder in 2021 (the circumstances of his death are still a mystery) of Peter Garyaev, he and Alexander Mishin worked on a joint project of combining vortex medicine with the frequencies of influence of Garyaev’s matrices, but this project was not destined to come true.

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